How to Blog AND Make Money ONLINE (While you Sleep- PASSIVE INCOME)

How to Blog and Make Money Online While you Sleep

Blogging online to make money is the Hot New Socia Media past time and Job Alternative with many people. This is a good way for individuals looking for a side business, potential passive income, anyone looking to eventually replace their day job and if you want to earn money while you sleep

First off you will want to


6 ways to make money by Blogging

1. Affiliate Marketing. One of the easiest and most common ways to make money blogging, for beginners, is affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a great way to Blog and Make Money. There is little or no cost to Affiliate Marketing to start out.

2. Create an eBook to sell your own products. Choose your area of expertise, choose your Niche and write an eBook.

3. Create Online Courses teaching others about your specific specialty online, Do you have a special talent that you can share with others? Create an Online Course to Teach How to do this.

4 Become a Freelance Writer – If you love to write about different things in your life or about people, sports, nutrition, anything, you can become a freelance writer

5. Try Google Adsense. … Use Google AdSense to make money online by placing ads on your website and YouTube channel. Start monetizing your website.

6. Do Coaching and Consulting about your specific Niche. Coach others about anything you are an expert in. This could be cooking, Playing sports, helping others in any way.

Where Can You Learn How For Free?

A Great Way to Learn how to Blog and Create Your Own Business Online that I recommend highly is

Wealthy Affiliate

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Whether you are just getting started, have some experience, or are an ultra-successful affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliate is made for you!

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    2 thoughts on “How to Blog AND Make Money ONLINE (While you Sleep- PASSIVE INCOME)”

    1. As an entrepreneur, I love these tips. I hadn’t thought of making a course and selling them for an affordable price. Its a great idea to make your own services and products and find a way to turn into profits. There is one type of freelance which I don’t like which is writing other people’s papers for college. I love doing papers but I find it easy to get plagiarized.

      1. Hi Linda  Thank you for your comments.  I am glad you like the tips.  Sometimes it takes other peoples ideas to get you started on a new direction.  Cheers!!

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