What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Get Started. (THIS IS LIFE CHANGING)

What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Get Started


Hi my friends, do you long to work at home OR ANYWHERE?, and make your own hours?

Have you wondered how you could make Money Online?

Would you like to Get Started for Free?



First of all What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing starts with a merchant who has an online presence that offers a commission to other online entrepreneurs, known as affiliates, for referring new business to the merchant’s website. Affiliate marketing is performance-based, which means Affiliates get paid a commission when someone purchases a product through the Affiliates Website.”

What are some Affiliate Networks or Programs that you can Join and promote their products for great commissions! And these are not only Great Affiliate Networks, but the products are awesome also! Products that you want yourself.

Here are some most popular Affiliate Networks and the companies they promote and where you can earn anywhere from 5%-30% …..Plus in commissions.

SHAREASALE – Grammerly $20. IN Commission

CLICKBANKFlat Belly Detox $37.96 / 80% commission

RAKUTEN – Dyson – up to 4% commission

COMMISSIONS JUNCTION – Roku – $5. Commission

AWIN- Ali express – 7%Commission

This is one great program that will help you to write your blog in the Niche you have chosen!:


Grammerly By ShareASale in Category As seen on TV, Business & Career, Business-to-Business, E-commerce Solutions/Providers, Education, Other, Other Products/Services, Services, Software

“Grammarly is the world’s leading software suite for perfecting written English. It checks for more than 250 types of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, enhances vocabulary usage, and suggests Earn a generous bounty for every new customer. Sign up now to receive links and banner ads that track commissions back to you. Receive $20. Commissions


Who can do this type of Job? YOU CAN!



Anyone can learn about Affiliate Marketing and create their own online Business. This is a great job for Students, Retirees, Anyone who wants to break out of the Rat Race and get out of the Office. All you need is a computer and the internet. Then if you Follow the step by step training with task based training modules.

You will want to think of a Niche and create an Online Business Website promoting your Niche and related Affiliate Network Products. A Niche will be something you are really interested in, a hobby you currently have, or something that you always wanted to do. A Niche could be about Health and Wellness, Weight Loss, Fitness, Nutrition and Diet, Great Recipes, Computer Tech Help, Etc.

When you learn about Affiliate Marketing you will also learn how to write as blogging is a great way to attract readers and followers to your website. This is a learned skill and believe me it took me a while to learn how to write and how to articulate my thoughts and ideas but it can be done. You can do this!

Learn about Affiliate Marketing the way I did. It is the most comprehensive Online Training and you can start for FREE.

Here is my #1 Recommendation for learning about Affiliate Marketing and How to Get Started for Free! – Click Here!

Learn How to Make Money Online and Never Look Back.

My Name is Susan and I want to share with you how I started with Affiliate Marketing. I really wanted to learn how to make money online. I wanted to learn and get rid of the cobwebs in my brain. I was thirsty for Knowledge. I needed direction as I did not know how to create a website, I didn’t know how to get started. I did have computer skills but I had no idea about working Online.

I searched and searched to find the right avenue. I watched MANY Webinars, Reviewed Websites, Watched Videos and searched and searched to find the right path. I got caught up in get-rich-quick schemes until they asked for a million dollars – or so it seemed to me to get started.

Here is what I came up with: AFFILIATE MARKETING – Its Simple, It is low cost, Anyone can learn and anyone can do it with little or no start up costs. If you find someone that wants to charge you an arm and a leg to learn about Affiliate Marketing, then this is definitely a SCAM.

A Truely Amazing, Totally Comprehensive Affiliate Marketing Training Platform that you can start for FREE is available to you now.

And Best of All it is Free to Start – CHECK IT OUT TODAY.

Affiliate Marketing costs very little to start up, really all you may want to spend is $13.99 for a Domain Name.

And you can actually learn how to create your own Online Business and Website for FREE. Step by step task based training is online and you can learn at your own pace. Also if you get stuck on something there is LIVE CHAT 24/7/365 where other members and ambassadors and the owners are available to help you. And if you wish to buy a .com or .net domain it will cost you $13.99 per year. Of course there is more training and more information available to you at the next membership level if you want it, and I know I did. I was offered the next level of Membership for $19.00 for the first month and I took the offer as once I started for FREE I wanted to learn more and more and I was interested in the Boot Camp Training that was part of the Premium Membership. You can take advantage of the Premium member ship also once you are ready, however you can begin with the FREE Starter Membership and gain so much knowledge

It takes dedication and persistence to learn but it is really worth the effort. You can and will make money OnLine when you sleep.


You get the best top-notch Training modules, Live Weekly Training Sessions, Keyword Research, New Affiliate Programs, Live Chat, 24\7 Help Centre.

The owners of Wealthy Affilate Kyle and Carson are actively involved daily with upgrading the platform and the training as well as they are available via LIVE CHAT to assist anyone in need. You never have to worry about reaching out to get assistance from the owners or ambassadors as with each training module they are available for questions at the end of each session. The owners also participate in the internal Blogs offering tips and tricks and great information!! Our Weekly Live Trainer Jay is also available via LIVE CHAT and Jay submits Internal Blogs also offering his great knowledge of Affiliate Marketing. We are lucky to have so much support from them.

Click here to Learn from the Best, Take advantage of the training that helped me get started! I want to help you get started today! I will be there along the way answering your questions.

Here are the Membership Options:

I want to help you get started and I will be there along the way. Start for Free Today and I will support you and guide you and answer your questions. I know you will love the amazing community of like-minded Affiliate Marketers who are also here to help you along the way. And the best of all is you start for Free!

You will learn how to create a website and configure it to create your own ONLINE Business. You will create content to attract viewers to your website and gain followers. You will Begin to make sales and commissions and the Passive Income Journey begins.

Learn the way that I did and over a million others that are part of the Affiliate Network. There are members from all over the world that are learning about Affiliate Marketing that work alongside of you and help one another. The camaraderie is amazing and you will love it.

Remember that this will take some time and effort and a lot of work to get through the training but if you persevere and work hard you will soon see results and you will begin to make money online from the comfort of your own home, while you are sleeping, while you are traveling the world.

With anything good it takes effort and believe me this is good!!! The Online Business World is growing so fast and this is the time to jump in and join the trend.

Your Journey will be Life Changing!

Join me Today!

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8 thoughts on “What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Get Started. (THIS IS LIFE CHANGING)”

  1. Awesome! You got me so pumped after reading that! Thanks for laying out everything we need to know on how to get started with this new adventure. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the way to go. I have had nothing but excellent training and service with them. It is important to have a great community behind you. Good luck!

    1. Hi James. 

      I am so glad you are pumped…I am too.  This business is amazing and we have a great opportunity here with Wealthy Affiliate.  The training and the service is superb for sure.  Thank you for your great comments.  Best wishes to you in your Online Journey!!  

  2. The questions you have asked at the beginning of your post was what got me into affiliate marketing. I answered YES to all of them and I soon found myself starting my online entrepreneurship journey. You have explained well what affiliate marketing is and I believe any newbie can grasp the concept. I enrolled for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and I am enjoying every bit of it. The training there is out of this world. It is really simple and affordable to get started. I’ll urge anyone contemplating to just give it a try. Great article!

    1. Hi Carol

      I am so happy that you are enjoying being part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community.  The training really is the best and as you indicated the program is very affordable.  Thank you so much for your great comments and support!  That is what WA is all about!!  Keep up the great work! Cheers!

  3. Great article on Affiliate Marketing,to make money online is certain through affiliate marketing,without producing any product,placing the marketing link of such product in the website, once people buy through the link,commission is earned,its so amazing and lucrative,really WA is the best to join because the training received,support from other members and website hosting services enjoyed is awesome,helping people to turn passion into money making venture,thanks for sharing this helpful post.

    1. Hi and I am so glad you enjoyed the post.  I agree that WA is the best Affiliate Marketing Training out there and the best way to make money online and receive support along the way.  Thank you for your great comments and sharing your passion for this amazing business opportunity.  Best wishes to you in your online journey.  

  4. Hello, Susan.  I think you nailed this post.  

    I am a member of WA so I really don’t have any questions.  But, I would like to like to just re-iterate the work side of the platform.  

    You mentioned that “this will take some time and effort and a lot of work to get through the training but if you persevere and work hard you will soon see results”  So many who come into this are looking for fast results and give up tooo soon when they don’t get them.  I’m so glad that you included this emphasis.  They need to know that any good business, online or brick and mortar, needs time to build up a clientele (traffic), trust (honest content), and a brand.

    The best part about “Online” is that you get to help others that you wouldn’t otherwise get to help.

    I truly believe that Affiliate Marketing is an easier way to create a business income and much cheaper than trying to start a brick and mortar business which could easily cost $100,000 or more and, the training at WA is top-notch.  They really give us a lot for that “Premium” membership and continue to make it better.

    I tried the B&M way to make money years ago and lost my shirt.  THIS (Affiliate Marketing) I can do, on my own time, anywhere there is an internet connection.  That is amazing and, MAKE MONEY WHIKE YOU SLEEP? you can’t do that with a B & M.

    All the best and I hope many read this,


    1. Hi Wayne

      I really appreciate your comments.  We really have a great business opportunity here  and such a great way to make money and help others along our amazing journey.  I have gained so much knowledge from the great WA training.  I too hope that others will read this and not give up along the way when the results are not instant.   It does take a lot of work and time like any new business to get it rolling.  But it is all worth it for those that have the vision and accept the support of our fellow Affiliates.  Thanks again and best wishes to you in your Online Business.  Cheers

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