Can You Make Money With Multi Level Marketing? (Compared to Affiliate Marketing)

Can You Make Money With Multi Level Marketing?

(Compared to Affiliate Marketing)

How many times have you thought about venturing out to try a MLM company to make extra money? There are quite a few to choose from and they offer different ways to make money. I tried three different MLM companies and i would like to share my journey with you.

The first MLM company that i joined was Mary Kay and i started as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. I personally really liked the idea of selling Mary Kay Cosmetics and i thought it would be a good way to make extra money while being home with my children. The way to make money as a Beauty Consultant was to hold MakeOver Parties and you could have these sales parties at in your own home or preferably someone elsewhere. I had small children at the time so i did this job part-time to make extra money and held the sales parties anywhere other than my home. The deal with Mary Kay was that you had to keep a certain amount of inventory and place an order every three months at a minimum. I had fun but spent more time going to the weekly team meetings, which were also fun, but for some reason i was not able to make any real money. If i remember correctly i may have made anywhere from 50.-200. Per party which is not much seeing as i didn’t have make up parties every day. I really enjoyed the work but never really made any money. I was able to purchase inventory at 50% off to use for my self which was really good.

Can you Make Money with Mary Kay Cosmetics? Yes if you can recruit enough people and sell enough product. A good friend of mine is a Mary Kay National Director that was able to support herself and her two boys as a single mom and climb up the ranks with her Mary Kay Business. I was quite impressed with this and wanted to be like my friend. 

Today you can join to become a Mary Kay consultant for $85. and receive in your starter kit to get into the business. From there it is up to you to do the work. This business requires you to be a social butterfly and reach out to in your friends and family to host Makeover parties and join you in the business.

With the starter kit you receive a stylish Bag filled with actual retail size products to take to home parties, samples to share with customers, brochures and training tools and sales tips. You can begin to be in your own Boss, Make in your own Hours, Utilize in your wonderful talents to make sales and generate income along with recruit others to join you.

Also now Mary Kay is Online and you will receive in your own website where in your customers can place orders online. ( When i was with Mary Kay this feature was not available, i wish it was at the time )

Now you can start to book in your Makeover parties and let others know you are in business with Mary Kay, sent out emails with in your website information.

You can start to earn 50% on all products you sell!

You can work towards being a top consultant and earn a Mary Kay Career Car!

As a top MK Consultant with high sales you can qualify for trips all over the world!

Top Independant Beauty Consultants earn many rewards depending on the amount of sales.

Recognition is top priority with MK and there are many special events to provide recognition to the top achievers.

What is Multi Level Marketing?

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a type of pyramid selling or network marketing. MLM can be described as the selling of products or service and referral marketing where the revenue of the MLM company is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company’s products/services, while the earnings of the participants are derived from commissions of The revenue from joining a MLM company is paid out to participants via Sales and Referrals. A commission is earned for every sale, and a bonus paid out for recruiting others to join the company to do the same.

The Bottom Line?

Anyone can join Mary Kay and make money if they work hard and love to be social and hold regular Makeover parties. It takes dedication and perseverance. If you pursue this as a business, you are able to claim any expenses incurred.

For me, Mary Kay was fun and i loved the product, however i had a hard time with the social part and to be out at night holding makeup parties when i had small children. A good friend of mine is that others have been very successful in the MK business however it was not my cup of tea at the time.

MLM’s continue to be popular because participants believe that they can achieve large returns, while the reality is unless a person dedicates their full attention to recruiting others there is little money to be made and most people stay in the MLM business for personal purchases and tax benefits.

Here is a list of MLM Companies if you want to check them out!

Being more of a techie person i wanted to make money online.

I searched online to find a way to do this and found Affiliate Marketing. A way to make money online!

It sounded so good as there seemed to be little start up costs.

I happened to stumble upon a post that led me to Wealthy Affiliate…..and I will never look back.

I have learned so much and have created my own Online Business.

I learned how to create a website.

I had access to the best training platform in the world.

I joined Weatlhy Affiliate along with over a million others and found an extremely brilliant support system.

And BEST OF ALL, I started for free!

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This Free Starter Membership will give you all the training and tools that you need now to start in your own Online Business.

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But you will have to work hard and stay positive and success is not instant. You have to be willing to learn and take the training, be willing to ask for help and accept help. There is so much offered with the training and even the owners are active daily to assist the members on daily chat and available to reach out to. Owners Kyle and Carson are continually providing updates to the platform and are actively involved assisting the members. Our Trainer Jay provides weekly live essential and informative live classes .

Not only do the owners and training coach assist but the members and ambassadors also are active in daily chat where members can visit to voice concerns and ask questions.

There is an amazing Research platform also along with a New Affiliate Program available to members.

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Here are some member comments:

“I’m so thankful that I found Wealthy Affiliate. If you really knew how computer illiterate I was when I first became a member, you would be shouting from the rooftop with me. I knew nothing about computers 2 and a half months ago. Today, my article just ranked #1. That really is a miracle for me. It shows that the excellent training I am receiving here at WA and through this great community is beginning to get through to me. I’m doing it! I mean, I’m really doing it!! A good friend of mine is that if I can, then anyone can.

I have the greatest network in the world. I don’t know how or why, but I think I have found the greatest people to teach me. I’m listening guys. I’m still leaning new things every single day. And, of course, I still have a long way to go. But just for today, I feel like I, maybe I should say… we have reason to celebrate. I’m happy. I’m encouraged. I’m pumped. I’m committed. I believe in what I am doing. I love my website. I’ve got ideas for two more sites, but A good friend of mine is they will have to wait. I want my first site to be really awesome before I test the waters for my new ideas.” Wendasue


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I have come a long way in my four years here at Wealthy Affiliate. Here are some of the notable achievements I am proud about.

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My Name is Susan and I am so happy to have the opportunity to learn online about how to create my own online business. I love the training – I have learned so much!, I love the Community! I Love Weatlhy Affiliate. There is no better place to learn and grow in your business than with Wealthy Affiliate. This is not a scam and not a get rich quick scheme. You can start for FREE and learn so much like me.

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8 thoughts on “Can You Make Money With Multi Level Marketing? (Compared to Affiliate Marketing)”

  1. Both of these business ventures have similarities and differences.with one of the similarities being that you would need to work hard. There is just no escaping that. One of the differences is that one of them involves recruitment which is like a faster way to make money without having to constantly personally sell a lot of products. This is for MLM marketing.

    But for affiliate marketing, it is a type of business that does not need recruitment before succeeding. It can be a one man business which can grow to become a business that brings in good money.

    Of course, they both have their advantages and disadvantages and anyone going into them should know of these before they decide to devote their time on that venture.

    1. Hi Jay.  You are so right about Affiliate Marketing being a one man business and this is a excellent point that I actually didn’t think of.  I think that is why I Love Wealthy Affiliate over any MLM businesses that I have tried.  Thank you for your great comments!!

  2. As an Affiliate marketer, I really think what I do is profitable. Before I ventured in Affiliate marketing, I tried a couple of MLMs also and I must say that I can’t recommend MLM as a good business offer because it has lessor nothing to offer, a few people get the cash while the majority suffer the hard work. This is really Nice review, its so informative and clear. I’m a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, even though its not been that long but I’m enjoying every single second I spend on the platform and I’ve been able to make so money too. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jones, I am so glad that you are enjoying the platform and profiting from your efforts.  That is what we want to hear!  Thank you for your comments and best wishes in your Online Adventure with WA!

  3. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for this informative post since I am thinking whether to go for MLM or affiliate program, and your post came right time! I understand an MLM member needs to find his/her downline for more products sold to make money, but I am the kind of person who is introvert and cannot handle a proper conversation since I feel embarrassed often! 

    I might go for the affiliate program, and the recommendation on your page is very honest and informative! And, based on your input, I think the key to success is to work hard, stay positive and keep it consistent. Although there will be tons of works need me to finish, I think it’s the correct choice for me! 

    “Be willing to ask for help and accept help.” is something I found myself lack of, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone for me by joining this program. Thanks for your post where I see the light! 🙂

    1. Hi Matt I understand where you are coming from as I too had the same feelings.  I did find that the training help me come right out of my comfort zone and I gradually stepped forward and even got into social media.  Nowhere else have I experience such comprehensive training.  I actually tried three different MLM companies and did not have the training, nor the community support, and did not get the right knowledge to keep going.  Here with Wealthy Affiliate I am moving forward and I learn something new everyday.  I review the training all the time and what is really great is the member internal blogs and training that helps to solidify everything that I have learned.  Thank you for your comments and interest.  Best wishes in your online journey!!!

  4. Thank you Susan for sharing your good experience with an MLM business. I’ve heard some ugly side of MLM business, hence I always try to avoid them. Lately I am in need of additional money. I think if there are good testimonies from the sellers / consultants, I want to try to join one of the MLM business. Do you have any recommendation for health niche MLM business? Thank you in advance for your suggestion

    1. Hi and thank you for your comments.  While I really can’t really recommend a Health Niche MLM Business, two of the MLM business that I did try out are on my list in my post.  One is Mannatech and the other one was Isogenix both health and weight loss type of products.   I loved the Mannatech product and I liked the idea of Isogenix but I found it was really difficult to get anyone interested in purchasing the products never mind getting anyone to recruit.   I highly recommend Affiliate Marketing over MLM and since I am biased I totally recommend Wealthy Affiliate. With the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate you can create your own business and get commissions selling other company’s products without having to purchase the product or recruit someone.   The training is superb and the support is amazing.  Best wishes to you and your endeavours going forward!!

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