How to Start an Online Business (5 Ways to GET STARTED TODAY)

How to Start an Online Business From Home

(5 Ways to Get Started)

So, you want to start an Online Business and Work from Home? Great Idea! I can help you get started right now!

Starting an Online Business is a big step towards working from home. It takes time and effort to research what you want to do and how to do it. There are many tools on the Internet to assist you in getting there and many ideas and reviews by other Online Business Owners that you can read and learn from.

First you will want to decide what type of Online Business you want to start? There are many to choose from. One of the easiest and less costly is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is promoting other company’s products and services and making commissions from the sales. It is not difficult to get started however affiliate marketing success does take learning and planning.

When launching a new business in the Affiliate Marketing field can be overwhelming, especially for brand new affiliate marketers. Here is a quick reference guide on affiliate marketing to help you get started!!

1. Choose a Niche

When starting an affiliate marketing business, you will want to choose a niche. A niche is something you may be interested in, a hobby, or anything you want. A niche is important because it helps you to build an audience and bring traffic to your website. When choosing a niche make sure you are knowledgeable and can create great content to support your Niche that will be interesting to potential readers and followers.

There are so many examples of possible target markets are endless and can range from physical products like cosmetics to digital products like e-books and software, travel and tourism, Health and Wellness, Fitness and Sports, Camping and Boating. To discover what your ideal market niche is, you can start by brainstorming some of your ideas. What are you passionate about? Do you think your Niche could make a profitable business?

    2. Promote Yourself and Your Niche

    Once you have focused on a niche, you can start promoting products and earning income. But first, you’ll need to build an engaged audience and a strong online presence. To begin, you’ll want to promote yourself and your content on various channels such as a website (I.e., a blog), a YouTube channel, live streams, social media channels, and more. How you market your affiliate partnerships is up to you, but be sure that your audience is using the channels that you select. When setting up your online properties, think like your audience: where are they getting information? Where do they hang out online? What influences their purchase decisions?

    Begin by creating a website, then create great content, incorporate social media platforms to help promote your ideas

    3. Build an Audience and Traffic to your Niche

    All new affiliate marketers should focus on targeting and building their audience.

    No affiliate marketer can succeed at selling a product or service if he or she doesn’t have a substantial and engaged following. Some ways to grow your audience are:

    • By implementing social media marketing
    • By researching and understanding strategic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • By email marketing and nurturing leads towards upsells and product recommendations

    4. Create Great Content and Promote your Website

    Create Great Content to promote your Niche. Create content often to keep your readers interested.  This. is the key to getting traffic.  Utilize your social media platforms to promote your webstie.  

      5. Training Course to Learn How to Be an Affiliate Marketer

      Take a training course to learn the skills. Learn how to become an AFFILIATE Marketer by taking some first class training. There are many training courses that are available online. Some are free to start, some have more features available. Below are some to choose from.

      Wealthy Affiliate

      Learn how to become an affiliate marketer online and start your own business and start making money with comprehensive step by step task based training. This is a training platform for Affiliate Marketers of all levels. The Free training gives you everything you need to create your own business. Upgrade to Premium membership for $19.00 for first month, then $49/mth or $39/mth for 6 months or $29./1year.


      100 Plus guides to learn how to build your online business, how to leverage it and how to get traffic to it. You also get free access to the “AffiloTools” resource. This is a limited version of the Tool, but it is sufficient for beginners. The premium membership is $67.00 plus upsales.

      Clickbank University

      Clickbank University is a good program despite its many upsells. They only negative aspect is that you will only learn how to sell the Clickbank products, not the products of your preferred niche.


      Start an Affiliate Marketing Business For Free and Sell products Online. Shopify does most of the prep work for you. Shopify is a market leader with an excellent brand and rewarding affiliate program. It pays high commission rates, and its affiliate tracking software is efficient. It supports affiliates with a course, marketing insights, and live chat. It has many resources to promote including free online courses from its academy.


      There are many Udemy’s affiliate marketing courses if you want many options. Udemy offers a large range of marketing classes online, that include several geared towards affiliate marketing. You are able to take Udemy’s marketing courses at your own pace, and they’ll help you grasp the basics of affiliate marketing including partnering with Affiliate Networks, SEO, and increasing website traffic. There is a minimal cost to the courses.

      My #1 Recommendation?

      I am a bit biased in my selection of Affiliate Marketing Training as I chose Wealthy Affiliate to learn about Affiliate Marketing.

      Wealthy Affiliate has the most comprehensive training program that is great for beginners when starting with the Free Starter Membership. The affiliate program at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most lucrative, recurring commission structure affiliate programs in the world.

      I did a lot of research online and checked out so many training programs, Wealthy Affiliate allowed me to try the program for free and I had all the tools that I needed to get started without any extra expense. That was really important to me as I was looking to make money not spend tons of money trying to learn how. That is what is so great about Wealthy Affiliate. Every tool you need is available to you in order to get started with your Own Online Affiliate Marketing Business.

      Give it a try today and Join me.

      I will gladly help you get started. I am a Premium member and I will be there for you. The training programs are so good. I was amazed at how much I learned. It was difficult at first, and I have to go over the training to get it to sink in, as there is so much to learn. It takes dedication and hard work to learn and do the step by step tasks. There is a lot to go through, but if you want to start your own Online Business you must put the time in. Believe me you will never regret it. This is the time for you to take the step and move forward and learn from a great program.

      “New” Affiliate Programs

      A Great New Training Program has been added to the Wealthy Affiliate Training course line up.

      You can now utilize the NEW Affiliate Programs to help you find a Niche, find an Affiliate Network, Find Affiliate Products and sign up right through the WA program. After almost 2 years of development, we have officially launched the Affiliate Program platform here at Wealthy Affiliate.

      This environment allows affiliates to search and find relevant affiliate programs, to give them a medium to communicate feedback or reviews about particular affiliate programs they are involved with, and to follow and manage affiliate their list of programs they are interested in, or involved with all in one place.

      Wealthy Affiliate is the most comprehensive platform for educating and equipping affiliate marketers for success online, but the “affiliate program” element has been completely segregated from the platform & community until now and this has been a real plus to the training and learning here.

      Researching and managing your affiliate programs that you are part of has never been easier, and I am excited to tell you about this new opportunities that will represent for you as an affiliate marketer.

      The Search Element.

      The search aspect helps users find affiliate programs with efficiency, but also be able to search based on filters and keywords that meet their search criteria. You are going to be able to search programs based on a number of different filters.

      • Country Availability (Is this available to you as an affiliate in your country)
      • Payout Options
      • Auto Approval (of Commissions)
      • Rating
      • Commission %/$
      • Network Fee

      What can I say… I Love Wealthy Affiliate and this program has changed my life and I will never look back.

      The Very Best is You Can Start for Free!

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      6 thoughts on “How to Start an Online Business (5 Ways to GET STARTED TODAY)”

      1. I would just add one thing to getting started: patience. It definitely takes a while for a newby to get regular traffic to their site. Those with a lot of money and/or experience can get traffic faster. But it’s important for someone just starting out to have patience.

        And I didn’t realize that WA had that new tool. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for teaching me something! 

        1. Hi Nicole. You are so right, it does take patience and perseverance as success does not come overnight.  It is all about creating great content to get organic traffic.  And yes you can pay for traffic and advertise if you have extra money to do so.  Thank you so much for your comment!!  Enjoy your journey here at WA and best wishes in your success!

      2. Thank you for this article. I like your domain name by the way. I think your article is laid out very nicely and you know everything is spaced out very nicely and looks good. Choosing a niche was tricky for me at first because the niche I wanted to choose was in the fitness world and I felt like they would already be too much competition. But in wealthy affiliate I got some information about how to make money in that niche even with all the other competition around. Plus, not all the other competition is using the keyword and traffic generating techniques learned on wealthy affiliate.

        My first month cost $34 between the $20 membership and a $14 domain. It has been I don’t know maybe 10 days since I bought it and I really feel like I’ve gotten a lot of value out of it. Thanks for recommending it and putting all this together. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

        1. Hi Charles. I am glad you enjoyed my post.  It is tricky to choose a niche but everyone has their own thoughts, words and ideas about how to write posts about their particular niche and for that reason every website is so different.  That is really great that you are finding value in your membership.  I think this Is the best career and training move I have ever done.  I wish you much success in your online business!!  And always keep the faith and never give up…it does take time to build traffic.  I thought it would never happen, but slowly with every new post I created, I started to get more traffic!!  Cheers

      3. I really appreciate this article.  Although Wealthy Affiliates is the most comprehensive affiliate marketing program and the cheapest with no upsells, I appreciate that you also reviewed other affiliate programs to let us know what is out there.  Anywhere you can find useful information in this field is always a bonus!

        I must say that the community in WA is so very positive and helpful.  If you have a question, an experienced member will answer it in no time at all.  The weekly webinars are invaluable.

        For value for money, Wealthy Affiliates is definitely the best place to go with more training than I’ve seen anywhere else.  Great article!

        1. Hi and thank you for your positive comments.  I totally agree that the Wealthy Affiliate community is a great part of success for new members and a support for experienced members.  I love the weekly webinars.  I also agree that WA does give you the best training for the best value.  Best wishes in your Online Business and thank you again!

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